Saturday, September 1, 2007


why are people discussing something which has already happened and nothing can be done about it......why isnt anyone taking action against the people who are involved....or is it tooo late...because they are not in the country any more...what is gonna happen ?? politicians are a source of destruction but what about all the people working under the government for the public....infact i should be including every single pakistani...i am sure if any of us would have been given the responsibility ..we would have ended up doing the same thing...


dehog said...

I have the right to my opinion ! :)
I personally think it's not all the politicians that are to blame, though most around here in Pakistan can be locked up for most things they do, what I believe is that most people who enter politics uneducated or misguided or full of greed are the ones to blame.

People started taking politics for granted, thats where hell broke loose. Thats when people with sick minds start destroying nations and nations.

And we the citizens of the world, care less. Sometimes some one gets the gut to stand for their rights, and those some times sucees and some times get buried to ignorance. Such is the state, sadly !

But to tell the truth, yes action is the way to go, if only we can gather enough healthy minds who think for the betterment and not just for money and power !

Opee said...

I second dehog!

Raheel Lakhani said...

I third wala dehog. There is lack of accountability and most of our awaam doesn't have political consciousness till now.

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Jeya Anand said...

Sorry..I guess I have a very poor knowledge abt politics going on in Pakistan...So i couldn't get anything from that:(

All I know is Musharaff is the Prez..and Heard that Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz are gonna return from their Exile...Is my knowledge upto date?:)

Anonymous said...

You’ve asked a good question that had we been in the place of politicians we wouldn’t have done anything different. These days the motivation of every individual is self interest. It’s a difficult thing to harmonize self interest and national interest. Whenever there is conflict self interest prevails. This is a dilemma of modern democracies. But at least the politicians of developed countries think long term for their political parties as an institution. Our politicians only think short term. Benazir’s negotiations with Musharraf’s regime is an example of this myopic vision. Secondly our ruling class is mostly composed of feudals, industrialists, military and bureaucracy. Unless people from urban middle class form the bigger chunk of our parliament our politics will remain hopeless.