Thursday, September 6, 2007

12 signs

When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.
You walk really slow when you're with them.
You feel shy whenever they're around.
You smile when you hear their voice.
When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her.
They're all you think about.
You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.
You would do anything for them, just to see them.
While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.
You were so busy thinking about that person, you didn't notice number seven was missing
You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself


oomi said...

well that was nice and the truth too!
from where do you get these type of stuffs'?

oomi said...

why are you so hyperd i was jus kidding and that was nice so i appricieted it well what so ever

dehog said...

haha, that was a good one !
there actually was some one on my mind... thanks for remind me about her !



`NEFTY said...

Nice post:]

iabhopal said...

By chance, it didn't happen with me because I totally ignored all the count down numbers and was just thinking of you and quickly going through to know where you conclude. Some how they automatically come to.

oomi said...


Razz said...


btw, just added you to my blogroll @ Hope you'll do the same.

oomi said...

thanx alot my dear friend

maliha11 said...

hey aren't you the same Hira from Canteen Kahani ?????
I love your blogs .. is that you please you have to tell me am such a fan

Ghazala Khan said...

Another cool and light stuff. :)

Sohni said...

LOl... good one!!

smnabil said...

Hahahaha :))
It is Nice… Yes, I m silently laughing at myself… not at the ending but from the beginning coz I don’t have anyone whom I missed like that :)
But it must b a nice feeling I know…

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