Monday, September 10, 2007

why are we so weak??

I am sure everyone knows what MQM is all about ..and how low these people can fall..a friend of mine told me something which made me feel really bad..theres this girl..whos studdiing in IBA..and her naked videos are present in every cell...she is the most decent girl we knew...some MQM ministers son was after her for quite a in he liked her and was hitting on her....she brushed him off..and insulted him...and as a result this guy kidnapped her and took her to the beach...made her have something and not only rapped her but actually he and his friends made her video..which is now every where....
why are we so weak....why???today whatever happened with Nawaz...the things MUSH(BUSH's twin bother) is doing ...who are these politicians to control our lives??


Supersize me! said...

That is SO sick, barbaric, horrifying!
What exactly has been done about this?
My heart goes out to the poor girl and her family.

I think we should make a big deal about this, ppl are creating a big fuss about the minute crap, but this is SUCH a horrific peice of news!

Jyoti said...

ridiculous these things are!

shez said...

the saddest thing about this is that she has no where to turn to for justice.

and this is not the first such incident I've heard.

There's so much evil underneath the white sheet of pious religiosity our society is so proud of.

dehog said...

I m wondering what kind of mental shock did that girl under go, my sympathies for her.

Now for the question, why are we so weak.. Since the times of British, we have been tortured, grounded, insulted and what not, which had left a socially ill effect on our respected elders, even though they show no fear on their young ones, or sound brave or so, deep down inside, they are still afraid of something out there. Maybe some of them had real hard times with the big folks, and some of them got to hear eveil stories about big people, which created un neccesay fear among the rest of the people, and thats what anyone who want's to be powerful requires, that you fear them.

Take a look down the histroy lane, what did Pharoh do, spread fear, what did any other evil guy do, spread they say, FEAR IS IN THE EYES OF IT'S BEHOLDER, sounds true to me.

We need to get out of that thought process !

PS. also replied to your comment on my blog !


Supersize me! said...

Re: Shez's comment

Excuse me?? MQM are the sicko's who are having this stuff going on, I dont want to sound ignorant, Maybe this individual guy did this in his own accord without mqm backing, whichever way, I still think they're responsible. But but.. WHERE does the ''pious religiosity'' come in?

atresh143 said...

very sad story.but this is not enough that we use to discuss it here.we must do something upto our level to diminish such criminals.we should set our society right.

Nabil - NY said...

Hi Hira,
Its a reality of human being. Great approach.

Anonymous said...

isnt anything going to be done about this?

Anonymous said...

this mafia has literally enslaved the ppl of karachi and they treat them in the same way.

it's a shame that the good ppl have to suffer at the hands of such tyrants. may there be no pity for these criminals on the day of judgment.