Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Whats going on???

I didnt know that getting a draft made in pakistan is that difficult....offcourse i m not one of those big shots who have got foreign currency bank my mommy asked me to get one made for a cousin whos here from faisalabad ,to do ACCA ...he has some financial problems ...... so my mommy decided to pay because today was the last date to submit the draft and the form ....n why would have i said no when she was handing over the money to me... and i was looking forward to save up some for myself..

I called up a friend and asked him to pick me up......we went to the nearst bank which was AL-HABIB BANK ...they told us that to do so i'll have to open up a foreing currency bank account and which would take a day or two..

Things didnt work out there so we went to HABIB METROPOLITON was 12:05 and they told us that the facility is available only till 12:00....

Things didnt even work out there so we went looking for a money exchanger......and so found one......people working under KALIA AND KHANANI surely knew how to talk to customers.......atlast we landed up at a safe

Thats what i thought but thats not how it was .....they made us sit there for a whole hour.......even after paying an extra rupee per pound and their fee which was 500...after which we were informed that the whole process is going to take a couple of hours and that we should come and collect it after seven o'clock......couldn't save up money for myself even after so much KOARI...and plus my cousins whole year is going to get waisted......and plus i coudn't even collect it later because of the bomb blast....

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