Thursday, August 30, 2007

where did we go wrong?

godmother:"prince and cindy are present here but not accounting for the love spell i have case on them.A short circuit in my wand ,i fear.Cindy dont you feel the least bit different?"
cindy:gee godmother ,i dunno .IS prince what i had in my mind when i wished upon a star?"
godmother:"in mind? A mind is precisely what you lack,Cindy."
cindy:"oh, alright"
godmother:"And you prince.What have you to say for yourself?"
Prince:Wanna have sex with me ,Cindy?"
godmother:"no no no,prince.thats not right ."
Prince:"wanna have sex? "
godmother:"Prince,repeat after me.will you have the next dance with me ,Cindy"
godmother:"Where did we go wrong ?is it you?is it me?or romance is simply not what it used to be? are young men and women not at all what they used to be?"


Sarmad's World said...

yo thanx man ... i appreciate it ... i'll try putting in a poem for you too pal ... :)
btw sorry for acting all wierd and stuff ... its just that i really like this girl ... i hope you can understand ...

dehog said...

True, romance is not what it used to be, actually love now a days is not what it Should be.. i pity our own filthy minds... I cannot blame the media, the media is an outcome of what we think as a collective ! thats the sorry state of our disgraced lives !

salman said...

Rite . Things hav changed .
Tru love.....lolz ...dat sounds funny to me . It don't exist and if it do , it evolves sooner into sumthing else.

Salman said...

True love? Well in my opinion, there is no such thing as true love. It all gets down to our sexual (natural) needs. If you think true love is about sacrificing for others then may be its friendship....please do enlighten me with your thoughts.