Friday, August 31, 2007


  ´♥` There was a Blind Guy
   ´♥` WhO Hated Himself
   ´♥` infact coz of that
   ´♥` he hated the whole world
  ´♥` Except his girl friend..
 ´♥` 1 day de Guy said
 ´♥` that if he could
 ´♥` Only c the wOrld
  ´♥` he will marry his girlfriend,
   ´♥` after some time sOme1
   ´♥` dOnated eyes to him
   ´♥` & then he was able to see Every thing
  ´♥`including his girlfriend ,
 ´♥` his girlfriend ask him,
 ´♥` "nOw that u can c ,
 ´♥` will u Marry Me?",
  ´♥` the guy was shOcked when
   ´♥` he noticed his girlfriend
   ´♥` is Blind,
   ´♥` & he refused tO Marry her.
  ´♥` His girlfriend walked away
 ´♥` with a little smile & said,
 ´♥` " just take care Of
 ´♥` my eyes dear.


oomi said...

daer i've heard it on the girl and i think you have changed it.
what so ever,
All mens are not the same.

Opee said...

.. and then he realized, and stopped her. Held her. The girl remains hurt. Then he Asks for forgiveness. Fells down his knees and expressed all she meant to him after all she did for him.

.. She smiles. Cries. Hugs. Smiles again.

.. and they lived happily ever after.

*cokes please, anyone?* :) ~ Cheers. Life has to go on.

Thanks hira for dropping by my blog btw.

dehog said...

haha jhoooooot, you changed the whole thign, it was the other way round.... envy, jealousy ! ;P

Jac said...

That was nice !

Opee said...

Hi Hira,

I have responded to your question on my blog. I could find your direct contact/email where I could respond. Also, I felt inappropriate to answer your question here on your blog as it will be not related to any topics :) .. So please find some time to drop by again and feel free to ask more if you feel necessary.

Cheers, and lots of duas. :)

Opee said...

@Dehog: *wink* .. We guys are quite good at molding things, aren't we? ;)


Well in the end, things have to move on.. So why to envy something which can/will only mark things bad for future conflicts?! :)

umairsalam said...

nice one hira!
quite understandable...if you've been blind all along, you'd want to see the world instead of hanging out with a blind girl...its realistic albeit very sad.


annie said...

This just moved me through n through...can i post it on my blog too?

annie said...

Btw thnx for droppin in my space:)

dehog said...

@opee !
bro it's a joke kinda stuff, sarcasm... !

like you said, cokes anyone ? :P

Zain said...

My God! Cheating...

Jeya Anand said...

That was Wonderful!! A great piece...

salman said...

Old thing - nothing movin or inspirin . Jus lil touchin - dat too timely .

Absar said...

What an ass.

But you can make a decent movie out of this!

Manisha said...

hey there moved me alot ....
there is a similar video on this the other way round

Ayesha Hoda said...

If this was vice versa, do you think the girl would have necessarily behaved otherwise and not walked away? Think about it.

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Yeah I have heard this before, it's awsome, girls hurt alot :P

I think, same goes for boys, if you ask a girl.

Nice blog BTW this is my first time to visit your blog.

smNabil said...

The Girl was absolutely DUMB!
It would be better if she donates a single eye ;-)
Sharing is Caring!